Database Development from Athena Digital Media Bangkok

Database driven websites may sound intimidating however, web-based applications are now a part of our lives. Online banking, online shopping, search engines, booking accommodation and flights online, paying bills, online memberships and social media are all examples of database driven internet applications, that Athena Digital Media has developed.

We have experience with enterprise databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, currently our database of choice is MySQL.

Our data modeling software of choice is SAP Sybase PowerDesigner.

Examples of our experience with database driven sites include:

  • Online Product Catalogues
  • Shopping cart / e-commerce software
  • Travel Sites.
  • Hotel Reservation systems.
  • Web-based community content systems.
  • Website news and press release management tools.
  • Employment/Job sites.
  • Intranet/Extranet/Group collaboration website software.
  • Web-based database management software.
  • User comment posting system.
  • Email and Newsletter Generation.
  • Questionaires/Feedback Forms.